Introducing the GS Cube. Created by professional miners for professional miners.

The GS Cube is designed to dramatically improve the profitability, performance, and stability of your mining operations. Don't settle for hand-built, open-air systems and the inconsistent results they can produce. Professionalize your mining operations by using a purpose-built, professionally engineered, and manufactured system.

We understand profitability is your primary objective. When researching systems for our own operations we were disappointed to find a complete lack of affordable, high-capacity (6 GPU and up) rack mount solutions. In fact, we discovered GPU server and external enclosure designs costing $2,000 to more than $6,000. We also discovered systems with major thermal issues and extremely loud, high velocity fans attempting to compensate for crowded cards.

Very high prices, hostile thermal environments, and painfully loud operations spurred us to re-think mining system design. We wanted a system with optimal, quite cooling and consistent thermals across all cards. We wanted a system that could be placed in a home environment as well as colocation facilities. And we wanted this system to be inexpensive to own and operate, using standard and widely available common off the shelf (COTS) components.

The result of our efforts is the GS Cube, a breakthrough in price/performance and investment protection. At only 13.75"L x 17.5"W x 13.9"H the GS Cube is extremely compact, while simultaneously providing an astonishing 600 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow using six 140mm fans. Cards are optimally spaced to ensure maximum airflow and consistent cooling.

You have probably spent thousands of dollars on your GPUs. You can now protect your investment and increase system performance by dramatically reducing your GPU temps. When placed in the GS Cube, all GPUs have similar thermal profiles and fan speeds as hot spots are reduced and eliminated.


Even though the GS Cube is compact, its fully modular design makes it easy to setup and maintain. The top cover of the system is removable, sliding on and off from the back of the system as a standard rack mount server cover should. At the front of the system both fan trays are removable, allowing easy access to your GPU cards and motherboard.


The back of the system is just as easy to work on. It's composed of three modular sections. A bottom section for your power supplies, a middle section for your motherboard, and a top section for your GPUs. Each section is removable, with the removal of the motherboard section providing easy access to the motherboard and GPU risers.

Notice that all components are standard, off the shelf parts. Up to two standard ATX power supplies and up to 7 full length, two slot GPUs may be installed in the GS Cube.

Designed for the Home and Office

Six large 140mm fans provide optimal cooling with minimal noise. Since most home and office circuits are rated for 15 amps, most deployments should limit power consumption to avoid tripping breakers (or upgrading wiring). A system with seven R9 270x GPUs can use lower cost power supplies and quieter fans while simultaneously consuming less power.  A single GS Cube populated with seven R9 270x GPUs can be placed on 15 amp home circuits, providing a quite, power efficient script mining solution running at more than 3,000 KHash/sec or an x11 mining solution running at more than 14,000 KHash/sec.

With the advent of ASIC mining cards like the Bliss Devices Neon Mining Card, a 259,000 KHash/sec mining rig using less that 1600 watts can be created.

Designed for Colocation

5 GS Cubes can be placed in a standard 42U, 19" two post rack. Due to our innovative, compact Cube design 10 GS Cubes can be placed back-to-back in a standard 42U, 19" four post rack with a minimum 29" depth.  When fully populated with R9 290x cards (70 GPU Cards) a single rack can conservatively produce over 60,000 KHash/sec when scrypt mining.

Using the Bliss Devices Neon Mining Card the same rack would produce 2,590,000 KHash/sec.