Design Philosophy

Our customers success will ultimately be our success. So in addition to following standards for rack mount systems, we worked particularly hard at three areas of the GS Cube design. 

First, we wanted to make the chassis completely modular for longevity and flexibility. We expect feedback from our customers who what to tweak the chassis to their needs. This probably will involve changing a subset of parts. Modularity by function enables the substitution of new parts for each function. For instance, the power supply panel is separate from the Motherboard panel which is separate from the GPU panel. Lets say you decide you want to build 300 systems with 5 cards rather than 7. We can produce a new part for the GPU panel without changing the remainder of the design. Or say you want to use a server power supply instead of a pair of ATX power supplies. Again only one part needs to be changed. 

Second, we focused on ease of use. We use thumbscrews where ever possible to make it easier to access parts open panels etc... The motherboard tray is removable to enable easy assembly outside the chassis. Wire management is built into chassis parts. The motherboard panel can completely come off so that you can easily access the PCIe risers without being a professional contortionist.  Experts checked and re-checked the fit and finish prior to the first production run. Parts fit precisely and slide smoothly.  

Third, the chassis needed a refined look, high strength, and a high quality feel. We chose a classic black powder coat that is resistant to finger prints and the chassis is constructed from 0.06" thick aluminum for a sturdy but lightweight unit. 

But most importantly, it has to work. It must be as functional as it is good looking. 

We feel we have achieved our goals and welcome your feedback.