The Future of GPU Mining

The crypto currency industry is innovating at an astounding rate. We are now seeing more and more ASICs being created for altcoin mining. This bodes well for the future of cryptocurrencies, sending a strong signal this is a vibrant and innovative space worthy of investment.

Each wave of ASIC innovation is concurrent with innovations in new alt coins.  Given the "newness" of these coins and their algorithms, they are initially targeted at CPUs and GPUs. The reason is CPUs and GPUs are general purpose platforms, and until a unique coin type takes off, ASICs are far to costly to invest in.

Thus, we firmly believe that GPU mining isn't going to die off. It will just be the launching point for new, innovative coins and algorithms. It will continue to be the proving ground for the next wave of innovation.

We also believe that the creation of PCIe based ASIC cards (e.g. Bliss Devices) will increase the need for standard rack mount chassis such as the GS Cube.  These developments will bring further innovation in the area of rack mount crypto mining with COTS components. 

Additionally, the GS Cube is designed for the future and provides true investment protection. It has a standard rack-mount form factor and is highly modular, enabling the creation of of a wide range of fan trays, card layouts, motherboard placement, and power supplies. 

Check back often to see how we are innovating for the future.